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Thai Chetawan Temple


Within Bukit Gasing lies the famous Thai Chetawan Temple. The temple was built by Phra Kru Palat Vient back in 1956 when the idea of building a Buddhist temple close to Kuala Lumpur was initiated. The effort received high support from the Buddhist community in Kuala Lumpur as well the Ambasador of Thailand to Malaya (as Malaysia was only established in 1963), His Excellency Nai Sunthorn Hongladarom.

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It attracted donations from the local residents up to His Majesty King Bhumophol Adulyadej, King of Thailand himself. The effort also received strong backing from the Prime Minister at that time, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, who donated RM100,000 towards the construction of the temple.

To maintain the finest Thai temple architecture, the Fine Arts Department of Thailand in Bangkok was commissioned to come up with the design and oversee the overall construction. It was built by local workforce together with skilled craftsmen brought all the way from Thailand.

The main shrine is intricately decorated with gold leaves, multi-coloured glass tiles, and a multi-tiered roof which mirrors ancient Thai temples in Bangkok. In fact, the temple itself is held dearly in the heart of his Majesty King of Thailand that he has granted consent for the royal Insignia to be mounted within the temple grounds. He also donated the main shrine Buddha. It is, without a doubt, the most magnificent Thai temple within the Kuala Lumpur region.




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